FS Podcast #3 – Abraham Project & Movable Feast

FS interviews Caitlyn Darnell, member of the 3rd class of the Abraham Project (and future 4th class).  She is currently working at Habitat for Humanity and is a designer of A Movable Feast – a new ministry in the Diocese of North Carolina. The Abraham Project - Movable Feast Website - Movable Feast Facebook -

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Remodel the Temple, Find God

The first reading from today’s mass is from 2 Kings 22:  In the eighteenth year of King Josiah, the king sent Shaphan son of Azaliah, son of Meshullam, the secretary, to the house of the Lord, saying, ‘Go up to the high priest Hilkiah, and have him count the entire sum of the money that has been brought into the house of the Lord, which the keepers of the threshold have collected from the people; let it be given into the hand of the workers who have the oversight of the house of the Lord; let them give it to the workers who are at the house of the Lord, repairing the house, that is, to the carpenters, to the builders, to the masons; and let them use it to buy timber and quarried stone to repair the house. But no account shall be asked from them for…

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Our Lady of Walsingham

In September of 2013, members of St Timothy’s leadership and I went to England to explore the possibilities of a future pilgrimage there.  During this exploration we joined the Diocese of Norwich on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.  For many in the group, this was a highlight.  I’ll include the history of the Shrine below (from the Shrine’s website) as well as pictures from our trip.  In thanksgiving for this trip and for the relationship forged with Canon Jeremy Haselock, Vice-Dean and Precentor of Norwich Cathedral, members of this exploratory mission have given a carved statue of Our Lady of Walsingham to the church.  It is a beautiful image, hand painted and carved from linden wood.  As you see it in the church, may we think of Our Lord and of His Mother, who is…

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The First FS Podcast

This first (maybe last) podcast with Andrew Hege and John Roberts on the occasion of Andrew’s ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons this Saturday.

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They worshiped Him; but some doubted

The end of St Matthew’s Gospel is quite famous with the so-called Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  Singing the gospel on Sunday, I was drawn the beginning of the text: “Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them.  When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted” (Matthew 28.16-17).  Three times St Matthew records the objective worship of Jesus (the leper in chapter 8, the women who witnessed the resurrection and the 11 who met him on the mountain (both in chapter 28).  This morning I asked a couple of friends “What would people do if Jesus Christ walked in the room?”  Would there be a queue formed for people to shake his hand?  Would people stand at a distance and watch with curiosity as if…

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Viral Vespers

The following post to my facebook page went surprisingly viral (at least for me).  Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.  It’s truth. When I sluggishly walked into the church this afternoon for Evening Prayer, I was delighted to see two young ladies seated and ready to go. The younger of the two was 9 with her Prayer Book opened. I asked her mother if she would like to lead the evening prayers. She would be happy to, she said, but if I was the officiant, she could show her daughter how to pray the evening office. After a moment we stood and began. “O God make speed to save us….” The golden-haired girl of nine joined where her mother pointed. She bowed when her mother bowed. And she learned the rhythm of the psalms the same way her mother learned…

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Moral Monday?

I’m need some help with NC Moral Mondays.  I can’t seem to find the specific issues for which we should be protesting.  Are there specific issues with legislative names or are people protesting whatever issue their passionate about?  Either way is clearly within the rights of individuals but I’m concerned when there is ecclesiastical endorsement of something that is not (at least to me) clear.   It makes it seem as if the protests are against certain people and not actions.  And that, I think, is quite problematic.

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